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  Food Manufacturing  

Chemical & Petroleum Projects

  General Manufacturing
  Minerals & Mining  
  Pulp & Paper
  Food Manufacturing    

Beef Processing Facility – Toppenish, Washington

  Client:  Washington Beef
  Milk Drying Facility – Jerome, Idaho
  Client: WestFarm Foods

Cheese Plant – Sunnyside, Washington

  Client:  Westfarm Foods
  Cheese Aging Cooler – Sunnyside, Washington
  Client:  WestFarm Foods
  Cheddar Cheese and Whey Processing Plant - Clovis, NM
  Client:  Southwest Cheese Company
  Grain Handling Facility – Tacoma, Washington
  Client:  Continental Grain
  Coffee Roasting Facility - Vashon Island, Washington
  Client:  Seattle Coffee Company
  Pasta Manufacturing Plant – Fredrickson, Washington
  Client:  Medallion Foods
  Kent Roasting Plant, Continuous Improvements – Kent, Washington
  Client:  Starbucks Coffee Company

Cheese Plant Phase 3 Expansion - Gooding, Idaho

  Client:  Glanbia, Inc
  Milk Bottling Facility – Portland, Oregon
  Client:  Kroger Corporation
  Winery – Woodinville, Washington
  Client:  Columbia Winery
  Coffee Roasting, Modernization and Equipment Install – Renton, Washington
  Client:  JAVA Trading Company
  Dryer Replacement  – Tillamook, Oregon
  Client:  Tillamook County Creamery Association
  Dryer Improvements – Jerome, Idaho
  Client:  Darigold, Inc.
  New Dryer Installation – Jerome, Idaho
  Client:  Davisco Foods International
  Milk Processing Plant Modernization and Upgrade – Seattle, Washington
  Client:  Darigold, Inc.
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  Chemical & Petroleum Projects  
  Chemical Packaging & Distribution Center – Morrisville, Pennsylvania
  Client: Van Waters & Rogers
  Coker Unit Repairs – Anacortes, Washington
  Client: Texaco

Synthetic Resin Plant – Atlanta, Georgia


Client: Van Waters & Rogers


Pipe Line Metering Station – Anacortes, Washington

  Client:  Pacific Gas & Electric

Control Building – Anacortes, Washington

  Client:  Shell Oil

Chemical Distribution Facility – San Jose, California

  Client:  Van Waters & Rogers

Propane Storage – Ferndale, Washington

  Client:  Texaco
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  General Manufacturing  
  Industrial Laundry Facility – Everett, Washington
  Client:  Overall Laundry

De-Ink Facility – Steilacoom, Washington

  Client:  Boise Cascade

Aluminum Can Plant – Kent, Washington

  Client:  Reynolds Metals Company

Newspaper Production Plant – Bothell, Washington

  Client:  Seattle Times

Fiber Optic Cable Plant – Portland, Oregon

  Client:  STC Submarine
  Flightline Stall Upgrades – Seattle, Washington
  Client:  The Boeing Company
  Flightline Apron Repairs – Everett, Washington
  Client:  Goodrich Company
  Paint Hangar Rebuild – Everett, Washington
  Client:  The Boeing Company

Paint Hangar Shutdown – Everett, Washington

  Client:  The Boeing Company

Jet Engine Build-up Facility – Everett, Washington

  Client:  The Boeing Company

Biotech Pilot Plant – Hamilton, Montana

  Client:  Ribi ImmunoChem

Concrete Batch Plant – Tacoma, Washington

  Client:  Glacier Northwest
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  Minerals & Mining  
  Pioneer Aggregates – Dupont, Washington
  Client:  Glacier Northwest
  Cement Plant Expansion – Leamington, UT
  Client:  Ash Grove Cement
  Concrete Batch Plant – Seattle, WA
  Client:  Lonestar Northwest
  Sterling Asphalt Plant – Everett, WA
  Client:  CSR Associated
  Cement Barge Unloading Facility – Seattle, WA
  Client:  Ocean/Tilbury Cement
  Concrete Batch Plant – Seattle, WA
  Client:  Stoneway Concrete

Cement Plant Modernization – Seattle, Washington

  Client:  Ash Grove Cement
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  Pulp & Paper  
  Plant Optimization – Missoula, Montana
  Client: Stone Container Corporation
  K-5 Chip Screen – Camas, Washington
  Client:  Fort James

Calendar & Winder – Hoquiam, WA

  Client:  Grays Harbor Paper Company

#2 Paper Machine Building – Newberg, OR


Client:  Publisher’s Paper Company


#5 Converting – Wauna, OR

  Client:  James River Corporation

Kamyr Digester – Longview, Washington

  Client:  Longview Fibre Company

Converting Facility – Everett, Washington

  Client:  Kimberly Clark
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